Hawaiian Tree Essences and Shamanic English Tree Essence Set

Hawaiian Tree Essences

all essences may be ordered via www.petaltone.co.uk HG Hawaiian Set in 10ml £25

These essences are to be evaporated into the aura, never to be taken internally.

I made these essences from various trees on Big Island Hawaii. I chose not only varieties of trees that were prepared to work with me in a healing way but I was also very aware of the location that I made them in.

Hawaii is full of amazingly beautiful places that are full of the energy of the ancestors, places of power that would help to lend something special to these essences.


HG Hawaiian Tree One

Works on Etheric (80%) and Spiritual (70%) levels

Strongly affects the personal manifestation. What manifests in your life around you starts off in your energy field and moves outward to be manifest as events, people and objects in the physical world. This essence changes that energy just before it becomes manifest, so that this is more in alignment with the higher self.

Assists with the Completion phase of the Creative Cycle. (are you a 'finisher completer' type?)


HG Hawaiian Tree Two

Mental level 90% Etheric 80% Ether(spiritual) 95%

Connects us to the 9th higher chakra and also the throat chakra.

Deep subconscious and mental re-patterning. Shifts negative patterns and helps us to change deeply ingrained stuff we may have trouble with !
May also be applied via a clear quartz, especially to the brow chakra.


HG Hawaiian Tree Three

Astral 90% Spiritual 70%

Key word 'Entrainment' this essence entrains the energy to a healing frequency vibration. Entrainment is when a 'master' frequency brings energy in the body/subtle bodies up to its own frequency. As this happens slower frequency negative and harmful energies, disease and other disorders are naturally discarded.


HG Hawaiian Tree Four

Spiritual 100%, Astral 80%, Mental 80% , Emotional 90%

Key word Attunement

A very pure frequency this essence builds structures in the Astral level which powerfully assist attunement with higher frequencies and as structure holds energy so this is great for meditation or as preparation for subtle energy/healing work.


New Hawaiian Tree Essences

HG Hawaiian Tree 5, 6 and 7 now also available


HG Shamanic English Tree Essence Set

These are connected to the 6 directions as follows:

1) Hawthorn : East

2) Copper Beech - South

3) Hazel - West

4) Oak - North

5) Weeping Willow - Mother Earth

6) Ash - Sky

Set price 10ml £35 - 15ml £49.99 -  30ml £69.99

Individual bottles 10ml £7.45 - 15ml £9.99 - 30ml £13.95

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