There are a variety of treatments that I offer. These may be conducted either at my treatment room in Somerset UK, by telephone OR as a distant healing session. If you are not sure what they involve contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions and explain further. You can pick something that sounds like it fits from the list below, or we could decide together what would meet your needs. I work in a gentle, sympathetic but powerful way.

Shamanic Clearing Treatment

A powerful cleansing treatment used to clear out outmoded patterns and negative energies connected to past events and experiences. Techniques used are traditional shamanic. This treatment will last aprox 1 hpour and may include the following:

Soul Retrieval: Parts of the self that have been lost because of trauma are located and restored. The effect of this is to feel more complete, more centered.

Shamanic Journeys: This is a traditional technique and I will guide you through the process with the drum so that you can access your own inner world and wisdom. Many different themes may be explored this way.

Cord cutting: Ties with others that are unhelpful can be dissolved leaving you free to move on. These ties can hold us back, and keep us attached to the past.

Spirit Release: Removal of spirit entities of various kinds carried out carefully using ancient techniques.

Shamanic Clearing aprox 1 hour session £65

Shamanic Clearing by phone

A powerful session that involves live clearing of energy forms that are the root cause of many of your challenges, including cords that keep you bound to past connections. Helen draws on her considerable experience using both traditional Peruvian Shamanic techniques, plant spirit medicine and counselling skills, The session has been specially developed to work effectively over the phone.

1 Hour session £65

Petaltone Aura Clearing and Healing Treatment

I am a fully trained and experienced Petaltone Practitioner.

Petaltone Deep Level Aura Treatment : natural plant energies are introduced into specific chakras, giving powerful treatment. Unwanted energies are cleared from the aura. Treatment available for Adults and also Children (Helen has worked with children for 25 years)
basic treatment time 30 minutes  £35 Children £15