I have over 30 years experience as a healer having started training in the 1970's, a BSc Hons in Conselling, am a qualified Shaman and also Petaltone Practitioner.

Starting Training in healing in 70's I have broadened my knowledge as the years have passed, following its path has been my journey, exploring its unfolding mystery.

Counselling:  I have worked with both adults and children, dealing with a wide range of problems including loss, separation, abuse and trauma. This has given me a strong foundation to build on and I am aware of the ethical issues of treating people and how to maintain appropriate boundaries. I have worked as a counsellor in private practice and in schools.

Shamanism: I have studied both with Eliana Harvey (a worldwide Shamanic Initiate) and with Peruvian Shamans Don Juan Nuñez del Prado and his son Ivan.

My work with these teachers has been profound and truly life changing. I am qualified to practice by Eliana. This work appears to get to the energetic core of problems and can create a real shift in the energy.

Petaltone Essences: I have trained and worked with David Eastoe creator of Petaltone Essences and as well as being a qualified Petaltone Practitioner have now made my own range of Tree Essences, which fit in well with the Shamanic work that I do and has strengthened my connection to nature and spirit.

Sound and Music:  I am trained By David Eastoe in the correct use of Singing Bowls and also play the Celtic Harp, which can be used as healing instrument, so sound and music can be included in the session where appropriate.

I work with compassion and with the intention for the highest good, knowing full well how hard the path can be but also how great the rewards when old patterns are broken and a new way of being is found.